Background information about our culinary ingredients and raw foods

Our “Zur Alten Kaisermühle” restaurant attaches great importance to the selection of its culinary ingredients and raw foods. Below you will find some interesting background information concerning certain produce.

An extreme rarity in Austria! These capsicums are grown in the surroundings of Padrón in Galicia, Spain. At the same time, this is the name of a regional dish that is commonly found throughout Spain today. “Padrón capsicums: some hot, others not – os pementos de Padrón, uns pican e outros non” is a Galician proverb.

Char and salmon trout: farmed in the nature reserves Kalkalpen National Park in Molln and Friulane Regional Park in the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia area.

Sea bass and sea bream: come from small fish farms near the island of Zakynthos, Greece. You can literally taste the excellent quality of the water (hardly any tourism).
Norwegian salmon: is farmed in the Larvik Fjord.
Black tiger prawns and seawater langoustines: come mainly from Vietnam, where they are farmed in rice fields flooded by the sea.

Chilean camarones: these cold-water shrimps are farmed in fresh water tanks and have firm and very tasty flesh, thanks to the slow growing period.
Wild-caught carbineros (scarlet prawns): these unusual wild-caught prawns are prized for their deep red colour, as well as for their firm and intensely flavoured flesh. They are caught off the coast of Spain and constitute an absolute rarity in top-class gastronomy establishments.
N.B. In German-speaking countries, small prawns are called Shrimps, large prawns are called Riesengarnelen, Gambas or King Prawns. In America, all varieties of prawns are called shrimps, whilst in England larger prawns are called prawns.

Chipirones: imported especially for us from Spain and absolutely delicious! Although chipirones are known as baby squid, they are not in fact young squid but a small-sized variety of the squid family. As the Spaniards are loath to sell these abroad, we had to wait almost three years for an opportunity to purchase them.

Steaks: All our beef steaks, including T-Bones, are sourced from Upper Austrian bulls. The roast loin is up to 7 kg in weight and is extra well matured for the Alte Kaisermühle.

Spare ribs: we only use loin ribs, which are juicier due to their higher meat content.
Chuleta de cerdo: “Fred Flintstone-style” sliced pork neck steak on the bone. The halved pig carcasses are removed separately from the production line to obtain this particular Spanish cut.

Iberian steak: Tender meat with a high degree of marbling, which enhances the flavour of this Iberian pork. The Iberian pig is a semi-wild pig breed found in southwest Spain and Portugal. The pigs are primarily kept free range in oak groves and are the source of the Spanish speciality Jamón Ibérico, a renowned dry-cured ham.

Spanish ice-cream: imported especially for us! Exclusive ice in a variety of flavours from Kalise Menorquina, a Spanish producer of desserts, ice-cream and yoghurt with its head office in Las Palmas on Gran Canaria.